FAQ & How to Use

How to ask a question in Serverlog

Use “Ask Question” button in right side panel of any page to ask question. You need not to sign up to ask a question. However for better spam protection newly added questions are published only after review. A newly added question is usually published within 24 hours.

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How to answer an already question?

You need an account to answer a question. Once signed in “Answer” option will appear bellow each question.

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How to Sign Up at Serverlog?

Registered users get extra facilities like adding new post, answering questions etc. To register use the “Login/SignUp” button at top right corner.

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Can I secure my Serverlog account with 2-step authentication?

2-step authentication add an extra layer of security to your user profile. If enabled you’ll be asked for a one time password each time you’re logging into the website. Serverlog support time bases 2-step authentication. You need google authenticator app in your Android based smartphone or similar app. To enable please visit “2-Step Verification” in your profile section.

We recommend to backup your two-step key to a safe place while turning on 2-step authentication.

However, if you lost your 2-Step device and the key please email admin[at]serverlog[dot]net from your registered email ID to disable 2-Step authentication.

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How to publish a post at Serverlog?

Serverlog welcome good quality articles. To publish your own post all you need to have an account. Please sign up with you email ID to start writing.

Once you submit a post we review and approve it usually within 24-hours.

Trusted users can add a post without review. For more details contact us.

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How to SignUp serverlog weekly newsletter?

Serverlog has an occasional email newsletter facility. We use it only when we have enough Good News, maximum once a week. Enter your email ID and use the “Subscribe” button at right panel. Newly subscribed users will receive a verification email. Please click on the attached link to verify email ID once after subscription.

You can Unsubscribe any time using the link in each Newsletter email. 

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Do you sell any product and/or accept credit card?

Currently we don’t sell any product and don’t accept credit card or any other form of payment from our users. For more details please read our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

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